YOW! 2023

I was lucky enough to be invited to go on the YOW! tour last year. It was an amazing experience again, with excellent speakers, excellent organisation and super engaged attendees.

If you haven’t come across the YOW! conferences before it may be because you aren’t based in Australia. In short, it’s three events that take place at the beginning of December. One in Melbourne, one in Brisbane and then the final one in Sydney. The organisers fly in a number of international speakers who, essentially, go on a two week tour. Travelling together, often eating together and generally having a grand old time talking about technology. One of the reasons I love conferences are the corridor conversations and the evening events. YOW! takes this to another level and I’ve formed lasting friendships every time I’ve been since I first went in 2017.

YOW class of 23
YOW! class of ’23

I gave a new version of a talk called How Flow Works -it’s an updated version of How Work Works and it went down pretty well.