Places to eat and drink in Angilla

After a request by a friend, I thought I’d put down a few recommendations to eat / drink in Anguilla. I’ve been lucky enough to visit the Island many times and stay with friends. They’ve been living there for many years so I’ve been to a few places that are recommendations from them. Some a bit more flashy, but most fairly chilled – in fact, all chilled. Island time is a thing. No really, check your watch at the hotel – good things come, but they may take time outside of the big hotels…

I’ve them separated out by area. Deffo visit the Dune Bar though.

Depending on where you are staying they are all a taxi away (it’s a small island). For fancy cocktails before going on somewhere, then the Sunset lounge is hard to beat to start the night. For an amazing meal on the beach then Dolce Vita is up there and Elvis’ is down the beach. I’ve been to Blanchards many times for the street food which is awesome early evening. If you are going to Shoal Bay (and you should) then you should eat at Madeariman.

I have friends who live in Island Harbour (and who can be often found playing Dominos on the beach) so that has a soft spot for me too.

Oh, and did I say you should go to the Dune Bar? It’s unforgettable.

Sandy Ground

Elvis’ beach bar

Really chilled bar literally on the beach

Dolce Vita

more fine dining but again, amazing views and on the beach

Rendezvous Bay

Bankie Banx’s Dune Preserve

Absolute must see place, built by Bankie from driftwood with his own hands, a famous local celebrity (the Bob Dylan of Reggae).

Of all the places to see this is a must – normally he plays on Wednesday and Fridays but his son, Omari who is amazing plays on Saturday, this is also where MoonSplash is located.

Restaurant in the Aurora resort next door is pretty good, but there is a beach bar at the resort where you can get an early dinner and then wander over…

Next door to the Dune

West End

Sunset lounge

At the Four Seasons. Best place for pre-dinner cocktails and to watch the sunset (it’s pretty early as near the equator so check times)

Blanchards Restaurant and Beach Shack

The beach shack is amazing for Taco’s and small plates. I’ve not eaten at the restaurant but its right on the beach and beautiful

Shoal Bay


Located on one of the top ten beaches in the world – Shoal Bay – this place does amazing lobster amongst other things

Island Harbour

Artisan Pizza Napoletana

Great pizza, and just down the road from Le Bon Pain, the best bakery on the island, This isn’t on the beach but great pizza nonetheless

Scilly Cay

Mad bar and restaurant on an island that you need to get a tiny boat too. Wait and signal in one of the bars in the bay (locals playing Dominos and making a right racket!). Also, crazy number of hermit crabs wandering around – an astonishing spectacle.